Business recovery services

The Business Recovery Services team is committed to supporting internal and external stakeholders of troubled and seriously under-performing businesses with the aim to overcome financial imbalances, to minimise risks related to the insolvency and to identify the best forms of investment in distressed assets. In this field, VFH is considered the world leading advisor. All companies, during their life cycle, can go through one or more crisis, which, if not handled properly, could cause a progressive value destruction for shareholders and creditors. In absence of appropriate solutions, each crisis, regardless of its origin, may become irreversible and degenerate into insolvency. Our Business Recovery Services team is specialised in identifying, negotiating and implementing solutions in order to avoid a crisis and to create revitalising conditions. VFH offers its services to all parties that are somehow involved in a crisis and that have an interest in creating or protecting the value of their own assets such as: creditors, shareholders, new investors and sponsors.

Potential issues

Your company is in a difficult financial situation: unexpected pressure on margins and cash flows, possible breach of financing covenants, liquidity problems.

  • You are required to understand financial sustainability of the business and the causes of the critical situation.
  • You need support in implementing and negotiating the financial restructuring plan.
  • You want to sell or buy assets or business in a difficult financial situation or in bankruptcy procedures. You want to invest in distressed assets.
  • You need experts in the field of non-performing loans.

Our services include

How we can support you

  • Assisting in the elaboration, negotiation and development of financial restructuring plans.
  • Comprehension of financial necessities and identification of possible solutions for the financial crisis.
  • Expressing independent professional opinions regarding the financial sustainability of business plans.
  • Assisting in identifying potential partners/acquirers of companies and assets in financial crisis.
  • Assisting investors, creditors and other stakeholders in negotiation and structuring assets or distressed business deals.
  • Assisting distress creditors and investors in the purchase or disposal of non-performing loans portfolios.
  • Providing assistance in bankruptcy procedures.

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