Risk Management

The company management faces enormous pressure these days. The risk, complexity and uncertainty are now characteristics of the environment in which it operates. Factors such as increasingly intense competition, globalization,customer expectations, which change rapidly, new technologies, regulatory changes, the volatility of financial markets, leading companies and others to not only anticipate and manage change in order to meet the needs of growing dividends and continuous value creation.

Since the risk is inherent in every action, organizations should consider the risk from a broader perspective, with connotations of a strategic embrace so that the entire company.

Managing risk effectively, organizations can not only minimize the risk when a negative event occurs, but also be able to pro-actively exploit opportunities that may arise in achieving their objectives. Many organizations around the world use in order to counter the risk, specific instruments and risk management processes, tools and processes that end up being one with the management of their business.

In other words, organizations are beginning to understand that the risk is no longer a burden to bear, but on the contrary, if properly managed, can become a critical success factor and give a competitive advantage.

The Risk Management Group has about 30 professionals in the world, is capable of identifying global risks of your organization, be they strategic, financial or operational. Our business identification and risk analysis are intended to offer solutions to your organization with a common methodology to all our professionals and advanced tools.

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