The implications of the transition to IFRS

Do not underestimate the problem: the transition to IFRS requires the adoption of a new cultural model in the preparation of financial statements, is not a simple accounting exercise. Represents a change that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the company, involving the market, institutional investors, financial analysts, to which new and different values ​​of the budget should be disclosed.This communication will require the preparation of reconciliation statements that highlight how the transition of the different basis of accounting determines accounting results with reflections on the main financial ratios. It involves a change of information systems and internal IT, which must be adapted to collect the information required by new accounting standards. It involves a review of remuneration and incentive systems of staff, funding arrangements, to ensure consistency with the new budget data, past and expected.Choose the timing correctly: FVH has experience of the processes of transition to IFRS can last for years. Given the complexity of the transition process should the project be planned in advance. The resources requested in the field of human resources, financial resources, both internal and external to the company that it intends to move to IFRS should be carefully evaluated.

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