Reliability of management

Reliability of management information and performance indicators for the strategic business
Management reporting: critical information or data used?
Have you reviewed the critical information needed to be monitored according to the changed scenario?System performance indicators
Have you reviewed the indicators related to business areas that need more careful monitoring and timely?

Timing and reliability of critical information
Have you traced the process of production of critical information to confirm that all the available and used are consistent and reliable?
Have you reviewed the timing of production of such information?

Adequacy of roles and responsibilities
You are certain that the current organization of the Administration, Finance and Control is adequate to the new needs?

Frequency and timeliness of communication
Have you reviewed the policy statement under the current need for information?

Accuracy of budget and forecast assumptions
Have you confirmed the validity and reliability of the assumptions of budgets and forecasts as a function of changes?

Flexibility of business model
Have you reviewed the recent results and determined whether and how an impact on your business model?

Involvement in the crisis of customers / suppliers / contractors for criticalbusiness
Have you recently performed a sensitivity analysis on key stakeholders in your business model?

Behavior of competitors
What is the status of your competitors? There are opportunities to be evaluated?

financial reporting
Your internal financial reporting will provide adequate information at the time of crisis?
The external reporting allows you to communicate an appropriate message to the market stability and ability to manage the business and its risks in the current situation?

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