Identification and management of risks arising from the new context

Risk assessment of non-conventional scenarios
In a scenario of high uncertainty, you can still rely on your risk management system?
Have you analyzed the ability to respond to these events to be part of your company’s risk management system?
Your system for managing business risk is able to support you even in the worst-case scenarios?

Definition of an integrated business management of key risks
The practice of risk management in your company have proved effective in the context of the financial crisis?
The investments made by your company in risk management are proving effective at this time of crisis?
Your company was able to take advantage over competitors due to the effectiveness of enterprise risk management system?
Any idea of ​​how other companies are reacting to manage the key risks?

Adoption of a dashboard of indicators of risk
How do you evaluate the ability of your company’s risk management system to support you at this time of crisis?
How are you supporting at this time of crisis?
Do you think your company’s risk management system has promptly reported the development of risk indicators?

Creating value by optimizing the information to the market
That means you have to allow stakeholders to incorporate in the value of the shares of the investments made by your company in the system of risk management?
How do you communicate to stakeholders the key aspects of your risk management system?
How to Stakeholders highlighted the improvement in corporate risk management, considering the increase in requests from the legislature, the regulators, supervisors and control of financial markets and rating agencies?

Cost optimization of governance, compliance and control
How can you reduce the costs of activities related to compliance, maintaining a level of acceptable risk?
How much does your company meet the new requirements and practices introduced by legislators, by regulators, supervisory authorities and control, financial markets from the rating agencies?
Have you evaluated the benefits associated with adopting an integrated approach?

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