Crisis management

Crisis management: only risk or opportunity?
The instinctive reaction of many companies before the current crisis situation is to cut costs, postponing investments, operations acquisizione.Alcuneorganizations to give, instead, adopt a different approach, by investing where others give up.
That these will be able to benefit from the crisis. Companies are aware of current risks, and opportunities of future, will use the crisis to their advantage, taking advantage of favorable opportunities.
In any case, it is critical to act quickly. We have identified some issues ofdeepening that will allow you to define your organization’s positioning in thechanging scenario and to identify priority areas.Why not investigate whether there are risks as well as opportunities?

The main topics of study to determine the ranking of your organization andpriority areas can be summarized as follows:

– Cash management and financial risks– The human resources management

– Integrity and sustainability of the value chain, cost optimization

– Identification and management of risks arising from the new context

– Reliability of management information and performance indicators for thestrategic business

Our specialists have prepared some questions for each topic to facilitate the startof a discussion aimed at identifying the route to exit the financial and economic turmoil and take advantage of any opportunities to create value.

VFH has advisory methodologies and tools “value proposition” to accompanyand support of each of the issues addressed in the following pages.

Our experts are at your disposal for further, with presentations and / or workshops of detail, all the opportunities that may arise from the issuesmentioned above.

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