Treasury change

Are you thinking about the reorganization of the Finance and Treasury in your group?

The organizational structure and processes in your area of ​​Finance and Treasury are tailored to business needs and the latest regulations?

The efficiency and cost of managing the Finance and Treasury are in line with industry standards?

The economic environment in which companies are to carry out their daily activities is increasingly dynamic and changing. To remain competitive and give the right value to shareholders, managers must assess the impact of these factors change over the entire value chain of the organization.

Some examples of key factors and drivers of change affecting all business areas are:

globalization of markets
new regulations;
technological solutions in evolution;
consolidation through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures;
push into new markets.
These drivers have a direct and indirect impact on corporate finance and treasury.

The experts of Finance and Treasury VFH may assist in assessing the impact of external drivers and internal organization of the Finance and Treasury. Based on our knowledge of industry best practices can help you design and implement new management structures of the liquidity risk of financial, banking relationships, able to meet the current and future needs of the business.

We have worked with many of the largest organizations in the world for the Treasury to redesign their structures in order to meet the changing needs of their business. Our methodology involves three phases:

Phase 1 – Analysis and treasury business case
At this stage we offer our support to review and confirm the requirements of Treasury as a function of your business, reaching a high level definition of the new organizational structure;

Step 2 – Design Treasury
The aim of this project phase is the detailed definition of the new organizational model of the Finance and Treasury, which is the basis of the implementation plan;

Phase 3 – Implementation
At this stage we offer support in undertaking the work required to implement in the new organizational model through the introduction of new processes, computer support and banking services.

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