Your company is seizing all the opportunities that technology offers to better manage the Treasury?

Your Treasury Management System allows access to all relevant information to make decisions fast and effective?

The system you are using allows you to meet new IFRS? You have computerized testing activities of hedge effectiveness of the financial risks?

The drivers of change affecting the function of Finance and Treasury have more and more numerous: the technical and functional requirements of information systems must be able to keep pace with change and the pressing needs of the function. The processes of centralization of the Treasury require the support of complex software tools, available within the group and easily connected to all banks with which the Group operates.

The team of specialists from the Treasury and Financial Risk Management VFH has a proven track record in helping companies identify the technical and functional requirements that best meet the needs of the business. And in cases where it is necessary to purchase a new system of Finance and Treasury and / or Risk Management can best assist its customers in the selection and implementation, thanks to the knowledge gained over the years on systemssupporting role in the international arena, their methodologies to project and program management and our non-partisan position.

The profile of our services includes:

Software selection
Thanks to the knowledge of available solutions on the market in Italy and abroad, VFH is able to support you in identifying the reference model to implement, analyze the features and specifications of the software market and in assessing the compatibility compared to your needs and your management policies in terms of information systems.

System strategy reviews and health checks
Our consultants are able to assess the “state of health” of the application of Treasury and Finance is currently in use, in order to identify areas for potential improvement, to take full advantage of the technology already available at your company.

Business process improvement, system design and information requirements
Because of the methodology of VFH work with your project team to identify and effectively implement process changes resulting from the introduction of a new information system, support you in defining the new model and organization of information for the new power application.

Project and risk management
Our experience in project management provides added value to the project selection and implementation of systems. The VFH consultants assist compliance with the project plans, manage and analyze the dynamics of the project and maintain an adequate reporting to the sponsor on the progress and potential problems.

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