Financial risk management

The Management and the CFO can sleep soundly?

The controls in place in the Finance and Treasury are adequate?

The company may suffer serious damage as a result of market risks?

Increasingly, Audit Committees, Boards of Directors, Financial Directors and Heads of Treasury require the review of Financial Risk Management processes and related controls. Also happens with some frequency to come across companies that for various reasons, have entered into transactions and / or complex financial instruments and structured products that have generated losses not provided or that the company has realized as a result of not being fully able to manage. PwC’s response to these requirements involves the application of procedures and methodologies to examine how to manage market risk, liquidity, credit and operational.

The Treasury and Financial Risk Management team of VHF can assist in the following activities:

Control reviews, risk reviews
Our methodologies allow a comparison between the situation of your company, control structures and the internationally recognized best practices found at the best companies. This allows you to check the risk management methods adopted to test the effectiveness of controls in place or assessing the quality of reporting product. The scope of action can be so wide-ranging and encompass all the activities of the Treasury, or highly concentrated on one particular aspect.

Financial Risk Management
Many Italian companies are exposed to financial risks, mainly to foreign exchange risk and interest rate risk. Often these risks can have very significant effects on corporate income statements.
We have developed a methodology, implemented at several leading organizations, for the re-engineering of processes for forecasting and financial risk management, improving the quality of the data according to the Treasury and reported to senior management company.

Transaction support
A comprehensive due diligence process, the Treasury is an integral part of any well-planned operation and the risk of treasury that might result from the transaction should not be underestimated. The risk management policies adopted for whatever purposes they have a significant impact on the value of your business.

Some things to consider are:

the current value of financial instruments and related volatility;
the effectiveness of environmental controls of the Treasury;
the potential impact of the evolution of exchange rates and interest margins expected;
the need to harmonize corporate policies;
the quality systems of the Treasury and the competence of personnel involved.

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